Sunday, August 9, 2015


A weekend of beer and more beer. 

The 'cocktail' site...  Beer before dinner 

The cafe shows all the Duvel brands 

Good use for old CDs

Lots of beer and food and beer 

The bands did a lot of Cajun music

Charlie a friend of Chris 

Another perfect pour. 

Nite show 

Time to head back to hotel in Oneontia. 

Great start to the day... Cantillion in a box ...

From which you can drink as demonstrated by S'teve. 

Phil (head of brewing) samples Tom Jambors triple hop clone.  Phil guessed immediately as did other Ommegang staff 

Sharing Funkwerks with Phil

The tents are where the beer serving takes place

I know this guy. 

They're hitting him with bean bags 

The bands starts when the beer stops

My Belgian friend

Just what I needed ... More beer

I didn't do this... There isn't enough beer here for that 😳

Brat and a beer

Jimmy Stuur band. Dancing already. 

Barrel roll co test. Not enough beer for that either 

Heading home