Monday, February 10, 2014

CO Road Trip

Heading to CO to deliver Carol's car to Becky.
First brewery stop. #693. Good use for old kegs. 

Brewery #694 where I met a guy that has a friend at New Belgium

Driving down I81 in VA

Side trip to look for Burnett ancestors.  Passed lots of dry lakes. Drought in the area of north TN

Stopped here to look for Burnetts.  Called them all but only one answered. Everybody was at church. 

Brewery #695. Owned by two  women brewers. 


Finally the answer.

In Nashville.  Music City.

Monday   Actually working in Nashville. 
Wiley Brothers in Nashville
Raymond James. Barry standing in blue shirt.

Tuesday. Visit to Duncan Williams. 

Heading to Little Rock passing why pyarmid. 
The crossing the river.

Lunch at Cothams. 

Dinner at new place owned by Crews guy.
Heading to the hotel for the night.

Art in Don's office.

NBB Apron at the Flying Saucer

We left before.... Or so


No luck in Oklahoma City 

Boulevard chocolate ale.  Tasty.

Valentines Day in OKC

On the canal in Bricktown. 

Looking for Eds boat when he landed guys from the 45th

Brewing with Tommy Hannon

Must be Spring in OKC !

Becky arrives OKC on time. 

Land Rush Memorial

OKC bombing memorial

Get your kicks....

Bible Belt country

Dinner at the Big Texan

Armed and dangerous....

With good reason !

72oz steak challenge at Big Texan in Amirillo 

A challenger....

Not a contender. 

Beck hangin' with the band

Rattle snake

Becks new friend. 

Cadillac Ranch

Welcome to NM

Blue Hole at Santa Rosa. 81' deep

Morality Glider Museum

Sierra Blanca brewery home of the aliens.
Wit time at Marble brewery in ABQ. 

End of the Santa Fe trail
The staircase at Loretta chapel in Santa Fe
Ed's gravesite in Santa Fe
Wine tasting near Esponola NM
View from Nancy & Robin's house
The girls at Steamwork brewery
Dinner with O

Celebrating C's birthday in Mancos

G's 700th brewery

The Arkansas River near it's headwaters

The brewery, not the guy....  Well maybe both 

No luck for G

Jackson and Charlotte show off their new jackets. Ones Dan won racing motocross when he was about 11 years old

A toast for C's birthday

Becky hanging with Gordon at Funkwerks brewery 

The blending experiement with Peter at New Belgium

Dan's friend measuring the samples

The new Fodor farm

Grandpa combing Charlotte's hair

Snow. But the sun shines. 

Dinner with Beck, Jill, Lisa and Tyler

Brew pubing with Beck

Brew pubing with Dan

Drinking with Jill.  

Why I don't have a dog