Friday, April 18, 2014

NOLA road trip - Outbound

Gary and I head out on Friday the 18th... Four months later : (

2nd brewery of the day. Bluejacket in DC 

Schnapps with Laslo. 

And more schnapps.

Lovely Linda.

Fredericksburg battlefield. VA

Piscataway creek.  Burnett land of 1637 

Time for a beer. 

Katie. Ned's dog 

Cape Fear river to the Alantic. 

Captain Ned. 

Good mead. 

Gotta love the Polish

Let the drinking begin.

Heading out toward Atlanta to see Sandra.

Brewpub stop in Aiken SC

Yellow stuff.

Cousin Sandra's house on Lake Martin AL.

Horseshoe Bend Indian vs. Andrew Jackson in 1814.

Fun at the Piggly Wiggly in AL


Sandra's idea of chillin'


No line at parkway

Shrimp Po-Boy

NOLA had a filming of Brew Dogs
They did a Voodo swamp beer
Becky tours Beverly's jungle

WWII museum. 

Open house of new 40 Arpent Brewery

On the river at the brewery.

Jazz Fest.  Beck, Tyler's sister and mom and G

Typical Jazz Fest folks

Crawfish boil time. 

Nevaeh and Katie.

San Francisco plantation
Lunch at a local tavern on river road

On the river at Audobon park
Music and drinking at DBA
Leaving NOLA